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Company Introduction

Sunna Design is a leader of solar energy management for autonomous and connected applications, with solar street lighting being its core business. Sunna Design unique know-how revolves around the complete mastery of technologies for solar energy generation, storage and management; of digital, and most importantly of theireffective integration within high quality "Plug and Play" industrial applications. To date, the company have filed 14 patents for breakthrough innovations, and have thus  taken a compelling leading position in this sector.

Their solutions stand out for their remarkable robustness, durability, recyclability and unequalled performance in hot, temperate or cold climates. This is the case thanks to our differentiating battery technology combined with our smart in-built electronics. All their offers are fully connected and digital, allowing innovative services to be developed and IOT(Internet of Things) applications to be designed on demand and integrated into custom devices.

Sunna's solar lighting solutions have successfully been implemented on all continents, where tens of thousands of solar lighting devices have already been deployed. The  business model is based on the servicing of global clients as well as on the development of key regional partnerships to strengthen our presence locally.

Since the  company was founded in 2011, industrial innovations and  notable achievements have been rewarded by 10 international prizes. Sunna Design has recently been awarded the Bloomberg New Energy Finance Award in 2017 and the Zayed Future Energy Award in 2018. 



Website: www.sunna-design.com/en