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Company Introduction

PHOTONIS is a leading multinational high-technology group, with experience in manufacture, sales and innovation specializing in photo sensor imaging technologies since 1937. We operate internationally in the Night Vision, Digital Imaging, Scientific Detectors, Nuclear Instrumentation and Power Tubes markets.  PHOTONIS is a global manufacturer of electro-optic components used in the detection of ions, electrons and photons. We innovate and engineer quality components for integration into a variety of applications such as night vision optics, digital cameras, mass spectrometry, physics research, space exploration and many others. We design and manufacture in four state of the art facilities across the globe and work with our customers to continually bring improvements and innovation to our products. We are the most widely deployed night vision tube globally, lead the mass spectrometer detector market, and have products installed in most space telescopes and high energy physics experiments in laboratories around the world.


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     Long-Life™ Microchannel Plates         ICMOS low light camera module     NOCTURN U3 Camera     Lynx CMOS Sensor      Kameleon CMOS Sensor 


Digitally Characterizing an Ion Beam for Real-Time Profiling


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