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Long-Life™ Microchannel Plates

Long-Life™ Microchannel Plates exclusively from PHOTONIS provide sustained output up to fi ve times longer than other MCPs.Extended Dynamic Range™ MCPs provide the highest dynamic range available (EDR). Detection Effi ciency - PHOTONIS offers small pore MCPs and optional enhancement coatings for the highest possible detection effi ciency.TruFlite™ MountingPad™ MCPs reduce the Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer arrival time jitter. PHOTONIS products have led the industry in electro-optics...Detail >

Gen2 UltraFast TOF Detector

PHOTONIS’new Gen2 UltraFast™ Time-of-Flight Detector provides pulse widths of less than 200 ps (FWHM) and near-symmetric rise and fall times of 125 ps. The Gen2 UltraFast™ TOF Detector design optimizes input surface flatness and anode spacing to improve time-of-flight mass resolution. The new Gen2 detector is equipped with PHOTONIS’ patented MountingPad™ TruFlite™ microchannel plates and UltraFlat™ mounting hardware for a significant reduction in time jitter. The anode spacing and d...Detail >

TOF Detector

Gen2 UltraFast TOF Detectors The world's fastest time-of–flight detectors offer twice the speed of PHOTONIS Ultra- Fast TOF detectors, with near-symmetrical pulse rise and fall times. The Gen2 design optimizes input surface flatness and anode spacing and incorporates patented MountingPad™ TruFlite™ MCP’s to reduce time jitter. These technologies combine to provide exceptional levels of mass resolution. The Gen2 Detectors are available with an 18 or 40 mm input area, front-mount fl...Detail >

MAGNUM Electron Multiplier

Key Benefits Main Applications High mass resolution Wide dynamic range Low noise Higher gain and Longer life High sensitivity Easy replacement Unique 6-channel design  Mass spectrometer replacements High pressure High dynamic range Compact, plug-in ...Detail >